Richardson Piling Solutions

Richardson Piling Solutions are pleased to spearhead

Groundforce Shorco’s expansion into continental Europe

Benefit from the installation and removal speed advantages of prefabricated hydraulic struts. Reduce wall movement and potential damage to neighbouring structures and facilities by preloading the struts.


Groundforce Shorco produce 250t capacity fully hydraulic struts which can span upto 45m without an intermediate vertical support.


Hydraulic struts are double acting with an integral lock- off valve for simple installation and removal.

Each strut comprises a hydraulic ram, a series of fixed extension pieces and swivel end fittings to provide multi - angle connections between the strut and waling if required.

End plates can be articulated up to an angle of 450 from the normal position for use as knee braces or raking struts.

Lower capacity struts also available as are walings and bracings for all shapes of excavation